10 Best Cities in Europe to Visit in Winter
Europe during the winters is equally if not more stunning than in the summer season. Cutting you away from the hustle and bustle, it offers you a way to take in the beauty and live life as a local.

From enjoying sleigh rides, to enjoy a hot cup of coffee on a frozen lakeside cafe Europe has it all. Here are our top ten European cities you must visit in the winters.

Innsbruck - Austria

A host of the Winter Olympics Innsbruck - is now internally recognized for its alpine resorts. Apart from the ski slopes, you can enjoy the famous Olympics standard ski jump and other athletic facilities. On the other hand, Innsbruck is a true treat for history buffs - allowing you to enjoy a true European town living experience.

Edinburgh - Scotland

The city of dreams Edinburgh brings you winding streets, stunning Princes Street Gardens, and historically rich and staggering palaces. Covered with a layer of snow makes Edinburgh even more appealing and a true winter wonderland. Imagine going ice skating in one of Europe's oldest cities, or making your way through the Edinburgh castle as the snowfalls. 

Abisko - Sweden

For die-hard winter lovers, Abisko brings incredible northern light views that leave you mesmerized. This Swedish town is all about natural beauty, and relaxation. Creating a place where the sun does not come up for weeks at a time. Creating a unique experience that leaves you dazzled. Apart from the breathtakingly beautiful views the city offers amazing places to ski, hike, dog sledding, ice skate, and explore parks.

Copenhagen - Denmark

Copenhagen is a fairytale come to life, especially with its cover under a layer of crisp white snow. Paired with a sense of coziness, it creates a wonderful place where you can truly enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Inspiring you to reach within and let out a symphony as gorgeous as the city itself. 

Transylvania - Romania

Winter is the best time of the year to visit Dracula’s fabled home, as the ambiance adds a specific sense that adds to your experience. In addition, you can visit some of the many medieval towns filled with a rich history, castles, cathedrals, and delicious local foods.

Prague - Czech Republic 

Its snow-capped spires, cobblestone alleys, cozy hues, old fashioned ambiance, and historical structure makes for a winter fairytale. What makes Prague stand out is its natural beauty - highlighted with a whitewash finish. Imagine looking over a snow-filled Prague with a cup of hot chocolate, coffee, or tea. 

Venice - Italy

Europe's pride Venice is one of the most magical places on earth. During the winter season, the city hosts a Carnival of Venice, offering endless beauty, excitement, and something a little out of the ordinary. These celebrations are not to be missed, and just the beginning of what the city of water has to offer. 

Granada - Spain 

When looking for a way to enjoy a European winter without taking on a heavy winter Granada makes for the perfect choice. Offering you a winter experience without keeping you locked indoors, so you can easily roam the streets and take in all that the city has to offer. Taking on every visible and hidden gem the city has to offer while maintaining your budget.

Bled - Slovenia 

Packed with natural beauty Bled offers a peaceful surrounding that makes it one of the best alpine areas in Europe. Known for its breathtakingly beautiful sites, rich history, thermal lake water, healing climate, and charming ambiance. Making it the perfect getaway for anyone looking for a relaxing escape. What makes Bled more interesting is its hiking trails, ice skating rinks, ski ready mountains, and other endless activities. 

Reykjavik - Iceland

The annual winter light festival is a dream come to life, making it one of the best European celebration spots. Offering you a range of winter sports, restaurants, museums, rich history and culture, along with so much more. When in Reykjavik you will be able to take on unique experiences such as relaxing in naturally warm waters while the snow fills the environment.